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Garage Door Repair Anthem

When it comes to your home, one of the biggest inconveniences and frustrations you can experience in your daily life is an issue with your garage door. Most people do not give their garage door or their garage door opener a second thought until there is an issue with it. After all, we just assume that it will always work the way it is supposed to.

If your garage door is giving you troubles or is simply in need of aesthetic repairs, Upright Garage Door and Gate can help! Upright Garage Door and Gate provide extensive high-quality repair services to residents of the Anthem, Arizona area.

Garage doors are deceptively heavy. In fact, a standard garage door weight almost 300 pounds, and over-sized or two-stall garage doors can weigh significantly more. While the weight of the garage door is massive, it is also important to not that people open and close their garage doors an average of four or more times a day for a single vehicle. Given the continued use of garage doors, it is no wonder that eventually, the springs and other mechanisms that lift and lower the garage door will wear down and require maintenance and repair.

Upright Garage Door and Gate can help with both emergency garage door repairs and maintenance as well as regular and routine garage door care and maintenance. You can schedule routine maintenance for your garage door every several months or once a year if you want to be preemptive about garage door repairs. Emergency garage door services are also available through Upright Garage Door and Gate.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Some of the garage door repair services provided include:

• Automatic garage door opener repair
• Noisy garage door service
• Stuck or off-track garage door repair
• Replacement and repairs of hinges and rollers
• Garage door panel replacements and repairs
• Preventative garage door maintenance
• Broken or frayed cable replacements
• Repair of broken garage door springs
• Weather-stripping and weatherproofing
• Replacing faulty garage door openers
• Full garage door replacements
• New Garage door installation
• Opener installation

Our Garage Door Services

No matter what issues you are having with your garage door, we can help you deal with the problem and get your garage door up and running again as soon as possible. If you are hoping to avoid the inconvenience of going out to your car and having a garage door that simply will not open, there are signs to look out for.

Some of these signs include:

• Crunching or groaning noises when garage door is opening and closing
• Squeaking tracks
• Shaking or wobbling
• Bowing of the garage door panels
• Garage door reopening on its own
• Delay in automatic opener operations

Many people dismiss these early signs of garage door trouble because they do not have the time to stop and try to deal with the issue themselves and they are able to get in and out of the garage in that moment. However, they are signs that repairs need to be made before the garage door stops functioning completely. Minor repairs are quicker, easier, and less expensive. So, as soon as you notice problems with your garage door, Give Upright Garage Door and Gate a call to get the repairs you need immediately.

Upright Garage Door and Gate provides the highest quality garage door repair in the Anthem, Arizona area! Call with any questions or to schedule your repair services.